Eliminate hiring stress with the ZenHire App & AI

Lay back & relax as our humanoid AI Recruiter does real-time interviews, sends personalized applicant feedback & decreases HR workload by 90%

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Drop the ATS & CV nonsense. Our AI interviews all applicants

Not enough time to interview all applicants? Using 20-year-old ATS that eliminates 98% of talent?

No need to worry. Unlike humans, our AI and can perform an unlimited number of interviews in parallel.

Get rid of suboptimal hiring methods and fully automate all hiring steps before the 2nd interview round with our AI


“Asana for hiring” with an AI interviewer on top

Stay on top of the hiring process with the “Kanban view" and our AI that interviews in real-time and objectively filters top-talent.

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The hiring revolution is here

  • Hiring Cycle

    4 times Quicker Hiring Cycle

    AI interviews all candidates in parallel & automates feedback while decreasing average time to hire from 4 weeks to 1 week

  • Cost Savings

    80% HR Time & Cost Savings

    AI substitutes the HR in the most time-consuming parts of the hiring funnel: CV Screening 1st Interview round - Sending Feedback

  • Talent Acquisition

    50x more Efficient Talent Acquisition

    Because our AI interviews all candidates it doesn’t loose 98% of “bad keyword” talent like a normal ATS does

  • Talent Filtration

    Objective top-talent filtration

    Candidates are evaluated against a structured set of dimensions and ratings are numerical which guarantees objectivity.

  • Employee Turnover

    10X Lower Employee Turnover

    Our AI correlates interview data with long-term on the job performance, finding candidates that don’t just interview well but deserve the job

  • Brand Image

    Enhanced Brand Image

    Personalized applicant feedback and sublime candidate UX makes your company perceived as a high quality employeer

All the hiring features you will ever need

  • Managerial Dashboards
  • Blazing fast job post creation
  • Job post LinkedIn Integration
  • AI CV Screening & NLP Analysis
  • Pre-interview AI video screening
  • 1st round real-time AI interview
  • Video Conf. for 2nd & 3rd round
  • Real-time one-click evaluation
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Data-driven Top Talent Filtering
  • Personalized Applicant Feedback
  • Value match assessments
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How it works?

  • Values and mapping

    Company Values & Profile Mapping

    Our HRs will analyze your Values, Vision & Needs and create the right dimensions to assess applicants against

  • AI training

    AI Training with real HR interviews

    Our smart-ass model is trained on petabytes of data, but we need to make it smart for your specific company & jobs

  • Ready

    You’re ready to rock

    Once trained, the model is autonomous and you’re ready to rock & interview an unlimited number of applicants!

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Total savings annually*

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